WHo we are

Alice Drinks The Kool Aid is a Blues Based Chicago Indie Rock band founded in a Park Ridge basement in 2014 as a creative outlet for three life long musician friends. The drummer Jim Widlowski is a top session player in the city who has anchored many of the Broadway productions that have come to the city in the past 20 years. The bassist Alan Berliant is a peerless performer who makes his living as a composer of commercial music of all styles. Tony Magee, the founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company manages the guitar and vocal responsibilities. The band’s original material is written and arranged by all three members in congress and draw from the deepest free Jazz and the most fundamental Rock and Blues.

         Since Forming in 2014, the band has performed on some of Chicago’s most renowned stages such as House of Blues, Livewire, Lagunitas Beer Circus and Hide Out.


Alice Drinks The Kool Aid plans to continue to tour in 2021 and play festivals, clubs, bars, and open for some well-known headliners. In 2017, they headed to Europe to open for James McMurty. Their mission is to share their music worldwide with people who love music performed by people who feel the same!

This band is a groove oriented bastion of talent, musicianship and great songs. These three guys have instincts, imagination, and history... and it definitely shows. With the flawless, intricate time of drummer Jim Widlowski to the vibrant melodic bass lines of Alan Berliant, one is taken on a wild ride driven masterfully by singer/ guitarist Tony Magee. Tony has a voice that draws you in. His ability to perk up your ears while engaging you in the lyrics was apparent to me from the first listen. He truly brings his multi-faceted background to each performance. I am a big fan of his songwriting. He is an elusive word smith with the skills and ability to connect emotionally powerful lyrics with colorful melodic phrases” - Grammy Nominated Engineer Chris Steinmetz